Looking for something fresh and new for your upcoming event? Hoping to take your audience past inspired and into an experience that empowers them to come out of the event ready to take action? All of my talks are custom developed for the audience I am presenting to. I take pride in getting to know the company and the individuals who will be in the room to understand what they need. It can’t be that great of an experience if the presentation is canned right? I specialize in combining humor with topics and thoughts that most are thinking but don’t dare to say out load. Known for my “real,” authentic style, my audiences not only feel inspired and empowered, but rejuvenated to move forward in a new way.


Regardless of the industry you work in or position you hold, all of your efforts should be trauma-informed and geared toward increasing emotional intelligence.  Trauma-informed approaches focus on understanding how historical trauma affects individuals. Operating your business, organization, and leadership efforts in a manner that acknowledges the physical, psychological, and emotional impacts of trauma is key to success. Emotions drive people and people drive performance. Including a trauma-informed approach is a prerequisite to TRUE emotional intelligence and the studies clearly show the impact of emotional intelligence on employee performance.

Make sure your leaders and employees have the training they need to maximize outcomes.


Organizations often know they need to make changes but often aren’t sure exactly what the change needs to be. It can be challenging to figure it out when your leadership team has been so close to the operation for so long that their vision is blurry. Bring fresh eyes and a fresh perspective to the table to help sort through your priorities and allow me to assist you in putting together a strategy that will get you to the finish line with great results and employees that are proud to work with and for you.

Topics of expertise include:

  • Implicit bias
  • Business development
  • Leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Time management
  • Trauma-informed
  • Confidence
  • Work/life balance
  • Cultural diversity/inclusiveness
  • Women’s issues

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