Let me start by saying how genuinely excited I am that our paths have crossed. Why? Because this work means the world to me. I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to support individuals, groups, and organizations identify and address what I believe the root beneath every challenge.

My focus is to help you, whether you’re a business or individual, redefine and master success. What I’ve come to realize after analyzing my experiences over the years both in my personal journey and my career is that our entire life, is impacted by the experiences we have along the way. As result, it has become my life’s work to help you first, more accurately identify what you need and then help you achieve it.

I do that by helping individuals, groups, and organizations understand trauma through speaking, teaching, training, writing, and creating tools to understand trauma. I know that all goals and outcomes are exponentially positively impacted when we have a trauma-informed, emotionally intelligent approach to our efforts.

Life is to be enJOYed… So let’s get started! Click the link at the top of the page that most closely relates to your needs. I’m looking forward to connecting with you.